Welcome to Burning Bug

The burning bug is created in reverence of the unseen and ignored forces that shape our lives. Bugs have the highest populations on the planet and shape ecosystems, but are rarely given credit for their influence. Through the effigies of six different bugs, participants are asked to internally explore aspects of their lives represented by that creature. We believe through insight into our lower beings, we can better understand our place in the great web of life. 

Years ago I dreamt of a fire festival inspired by Burning Man. Being a seasoned burner and community arts facilitator, my creative mind dreampt up Burning Bug! The idea is to recreate larger models of the wooden puzzles, adorn the burn platform with commUnity constructed ones, educating the community on the importances of these insects on our ecosystems and comparing them to our importanceses on same.  Hopefully inspiring “Articipants” to be more aware of longevity and impact. 

2017 the theme for Burning Man is Radical Ritual! It is my hope to receive an art grant and activate our team to create a surreal and magical interactive art temple! Join Us! 

Thanks, Eyeclopes